A Complete Guide For Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac OS has been labeled as one of the most comprehensive operating system among all the OS available in the market in today’s date. It is a series of graphical user interface-based operating system developed by Apple Inc for their Macintosh line of computer systems. This OS has been embedded with tons of efficient and enhance features which makes it a perfect and reliable operating system for every category of users. This OS supports multi-touch gestures which enables the users with either a touchpad or a Magic Mouse to execute certain commands utilizing multiple touch points and performing a particular motion. Apart from this it also includes full-screen apps features which allows the users to purchase apps online via the Mac App Store. Mac OS also includes Mission Control feature facilitating the users with the opportunity to get a quick glimpse at every application that’s currently running on the PC. This OS also includes an auto-save feature which prevent the users from losing work and a feature called ‘Versions’ which display the history of the documents the user worked on. Now because of all such effective and enhance features of Mac operating system, it would be not wrong to claim it very applicable but still it do have some drawbacks.

Often the data stored in it get lost, damaged or corrupted. Behind this there are numerous shady reasons responsible sch as :-

  • Virus Attack – Virus insertion is a major cause of Mac OS failure. Actually whenever virus gets into the boot sector, it corrupts the operating system files. In such critical situation, operating system needs to be re-installed, deleting all the vital data.

  • Bad Sector in Hard Disk – In a case if there are bad sectors i.e., physical damages on the hard drive, it causes frequent system freezes and further utilization of the hard drive also cause disastrous damage to the hard drive. This also leads to corruption of OS files causing disk boot failure, resulting in inaccessibility of data.

  • Power Failure – Frequent power outages leads to improper system shut down, resulting in corruption of file system structure of the Mac machine.

  • Due to formatting – When storage media is formatted, all the references i.e., location details, name, size etc related to the files get erased from the system area. This leads to inaccessibility of files, signifying the disk space as free.

  • Due to reformatting – Generally switching the file system of a storage media of a storage media from FAT16 / FAT 32 to NTFS or vice versa, creates a complete new file system and deletes all the data present in it. It happens because the lose of encryption details of the files and file system permissions which holds entires associated with access granted and operation allowed to a file.

  • File System Conversion – File system conversion is also a major cause liable behind the inaccessibility of files. If the users tries to convert the existing file system to some other file system, all the data lost from it.

  • Accidental Deletion – In a case if the vital files get deleted accidentally, they can be restored from the Trash Bin. But if the Trash Bin get emptied, the data stored on it get permanently lost.

After the occurrence of all the above mentioned scenarios it becomes very critical for the users to retrieve their lost data but at that instant of time instead of getting worried it is suggested to use ‘Mac Data Recovery Software’. This software works very efficiently. It being equipped with tons of effective and enhance programming skills is capable of recovering data lost and erased due to any scenario. This software performs a rigorous scanning of the Mac volume and recovers all the lost/deleted data from it in a very easy and efficient manner.

Characteristics Features Of Mac Data Recovery Software :-
  • It can retrieve data from other storage devices such as memory card, portable storage devices, USB, Pen drives etc.

  • It supports RAW recovery on lost volumes and Time Machine Backup drive recovery

  • It do have potential of recovering all the deleted files with their original file names.

  • This software is highly compatible with almost all the latest version of Mac OS such as Mac OS X Server 1.0, Mac OS X 10.0, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.11 etc.

  • It includes a very simple and interactive user-interface.

  • This application supports encrypted file system for ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Advanced Recovery’, ‘Deleted Recovery’, ‘Raw Recovery’, ‘Create Image’, ‘Photo-Recovery’ option.

  • It also supports for SMART Status of drive.

  • This software supports numerous audio file formats such as M4A, RPS, WMA, AIFF, OGG, WAV, AU, RM etc.

  • Along with this it is also highly compatible with several video file formats such as 3G2, OGG Media Player, MOI Video Player, Matroska Video File (MKV), Video Object File (VOB), MPEG etc.

  • This software supports various image file formats like Paint Shop Image File (PSP), GIFF, Mamiya (MOS, MEF), Picture File (PCT) etc.

Effective Guideline To Use ‘Mac Data Recovery Software’ :-
  • Firstly user should select drive or partition from which they want to recover data. After that click ‘Recover Data’. Then this software will provide the users with two scanning modes namely ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Advance Scan’. From these two options user are advised to select one according to their requirement and then they should click ‘Start Scan’.

  • After that the software will initialize the scanning process.

  • Then after the completion of the scanning process, users are suggested to select file type view. After that a list of scanned files will appear. Then the user should select their desired files and should click on ‘OK’ button.

  • In the next step this software will facilitate the users with preview of scanned files.

  • After that the user should select files for recovery. Here the users can also select multiple files instead of one and should click ‘Recover’ button to start the recovery process.

  • After that the user are recommended to select destination for saving file.

  • Then a message generates on the screen suggesting users to check data saving destination. In this case if the users is sure regarding the destination path, they should click on ‘Proceed Anyway’ option.

  • Finally at last this software will save the data at the desired location.