Complete Guideline To Recover Mac Word Document

MS Word is a very applicable and full-featured word processing program for Mac OS from Microsoft. Being a part of MS Office suite includes rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities. It is one of the most widely used word processing program in the market. Word files are basically utilized as the format for transferring text documents through e-mail since almost every user with a computer can read a Word document by using the Word application. MS word application is highly compatible with almost all the latest version of Mac operating system. This application includes a new Yosemite-style design which takes advantage of features like full-screen support, multi-touch gestures, Retina displays, at the same time cloud integration makes all the Microsoft files available across a range of devices. MS Word includes a new Design tab for quickly customizing layouts, fonts and colors while working on a document. It’s multi-author experience has also been improved. This application also includes a sharing interface at the top right corner enabling multiple people to work on the same document at the same time, with threaded comments to communicate. Now after seeing such beneficial features of MS word it would be not wrong to claim it very beneficial but it do also have some drawbacks. Often because of sudden power cut or computer malfunctions, files saved on it get corrupted or lost. Apart from this the reasons such as fatal errors while reinstalling OS on Mac like improper way of upgrading the OS version from current to the newer version, virus infiltration are also responsible behind the corruption or lose of MS word file. After the occurrence of all the above mentioned scenarios it becomes very hectic for the users to recover the corrupted or lost MS word file especially when the files are unsaved. So, in the case of files being unsaved it is advised to follow the below mentioned instructions :-

  • Firstly check “Trash” to look for a folder named “Recovered items”.

  • Then find ‘Word Work File’ files in “Temporary items” folder by typing “/private/var/folders”,


But in the case of saved documents the scenario changes. Actually in the case of saved documents deleted Word document do not get lost permanently. They still exist on the Mac system. But they can be only recover if the use of Mac computer has been stopped because once the files are overwritten they can’t get recovered by implementing several manual steps , but that would be very hectic process. Thus in order to recover Mac word document it is suggested to use Mac word document recovery software. This software actually works very effectively. It being equipped with tons of efficient and enhance programming skills is capable of enabling the users to pull their data back from several inaccessible volume. It’s powerful algorithms make recovery of even permanently deleted files possible. It includes both smart and simple user-interface. This software also supports Raw recovery on lost volumes and Time Backup drive recovery.