Software Works

Mac data recovery software has been labeled as one of the most comprehensive software available in the market in today’s date. It being equipped with tons of effective and enhance algorithmic skills is capable performing a signature scanning and recovering all the deleted files with their original file names. This software supports Time Machine Backup drive recovery. It is highly compatible with almost all the latest version of Mac OS. It enable smooth data recovery from encrypted file systems. It is capable of performing recovery on different kind of data after disasters like accidental deletion, drive formatting, virus attack etc. This software facilitates the users with distinct categories of scanning modes assisting them in deciding the level of scan required. It include a very easy and interactive user-interface.


Now in order to use Mac Data Recovery Software, user need to follow the given below steps :-
  • First of all user should select drive or partition from which they want to recover data. Then they should click ‘Recover Data’. After this the software will facilitate the users with two scanning modes namely ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Advance Scan’. From these two options user should select one according to their requirement and then they should click ‘Start Scan’.

  • Then the software will start the scanning process.

  • In the next step after the completion of the scanning procedure user should select file type view. Then a list of scanned files will appear. After that user should select their desired files and click on ‘OK’ button.

  • Then it will provide the users with preview of scanned files.

  • Then user should select files for recovery. Here user can also select multiple files instead of one and then they should click ‘Recover’ button to initialize the recovery process.

  • In the next step user should select destination for saving file.

  • Then a message will appear on the screen advising users to check data saving destination. In this situation if the users is sure about the destination path, they should click on Proceed Anyway option.

  • Finally this software will save the data at the desired location.

To Install the Mac Data Recovery Software, users need to follow the given below steps :-
  • First of all user should unzip file.

  • After that they should double-click the dmg file. This will mount a virtual volume – MacDataRecovery.

  • In the next step user should drag MacDataRecovery application from mounted virtual folder to Applications folder.

  • Then user launch the software by double-clicking on MacDataRecovery in Applications folder.

  • After that finally in the last user should accept the License Agreement and then the main window of Mac Data Recovery Software will get displayed.

Effective Guideline To Uninstall ‘Mac Data Recovery Software’ :-
  • Firstly user should go to the ‘Control Panel’.

  • After that user should click ‘Uninstall/Remove’ a program option.

  • Then a lost of installed program would be displayed on the screen.

  • Finally at last user should select ‘Mac Data Recovery Software’ and then should click ‘Uninstall’ option.